Execution studies and technical assistance for the work of the Maritime Books accomplishments and improvements harbour
  • Studies Harbour infrastructure: piers, jetties, embankments, …
  • Studies protection works: jetties, dams, etc …
  • Port bodiesVehicle Education: shops, workshops, slipways, specialized terminals.
  • Studies marinas.
  • Dredging Studies.
  • Studies fishing harbours.
  • Study commercial harbours.
  • Study marinas.
  • general nature studies: Zoning, Land Use Structure and development restructuring.


MDC intervention fields Engineering focuses on the design and dimensioning of all types of hydraulic structures such as outfalls, drainage structures … etc, and have been for the feasibility and definition studies to studies execution.


Building of Engineering in Engineering MDC offers a diversified range of services covering all economic sectors be it real estate sectors, office, tourist, recreational, industrial or service:

  • Technical studies themselves in all phases.
  • Before -Project Summary (BPS).
  • Before -Project Detailed (BPD).
  • Execution studies.
  • Study and preparing the final project implementation issues.
  • implementation monitoring of work in construction sites.
  • OPC Mission (scheduling management Coordination & Programming).
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Technical Assistance projects.

The components of all types of buildings that we are dealing in technical studies are:

  • Purely technical lots requiring design and a given design.
  • The reinforced concrete structures, prestressed concrete and steel structure.
  • Execution studies batches Technical Plumbing, Electricity, Air conditioning, Telephone, Computer etc …


Slope stability studies and reinforcement of maritime protection works

MDC intervention fields Engineering involves the design, the proposal very thorough solutions and calculations for the reinforcement and stabilization of natural slope.



The intervention of MDC Engineering in the field of coastal protection consists of :

  • The realization of the development of studies and coastal protection.
  • Establishment of development plans and coastal protection.
  • Studies and design of various types of coastal protection works.


 Impact studies of environmental

Given the importance now occupied environmental protection in any sustainable development strategy, the implementation impact studies of environmental becomes essential.

In this context, and to assess the impact of projects on the environment and their compatibility with environmental protection requirements, the realization of this type of study is within the MDC Engineering services.


Assistance in the monitoring and control of the work is a highly developed activity in MDC
Engineering. In this respect and given the complexity of maritime and harbour projects, MDC Engineering mobilizes highly qualified expertise in conducting technical assistance projects.

The missions assigned to this activity include:

  • Review of corporate variants

  • Approval of design studies

  • Quality control and compliance with the rules of art

  • Monitoring achievement

  • Anticipating difficulties

  • Communication within the project team

  • Coordination and cooperation between stakeholders

  • Receipt of completed works